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Platform Issues

A Stronger United Golden Isles

Vision for Golden Isles

Recreation Centre/Community Centre

The constituents of Golden Isles are a tight knit community, therefore a common place where we all can meet and socialize is imperative. The benefit we shall receive is a increased community involvement and revitalization of the social scene. Another benefit is that it promotes exercise and provides a safe place for children to enjoy themselves.

Entrepreneurship/Technology Hub

The greatest change to the way we live and work comes through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are a national asset that must be cultivated and motivated at all costs. A entrepreneurship hub is an Industry Hub where specific types of businesses are clustered, in this instance technology based ones.  A Entrepreneurship/Tech Hub in Golden Isles is necessary to foster collaboration amongst persons seeking to do business in the technology field. Support by the government will come in the way of providing adequate work spaces, funding and advisory services to build and grow tech companies. The creation of such a hub in Golden Isles will foster financial independence, job creation and social change through the use of modern technology to tackle social ills.

Golden Isles Pop Up Market

Community investment matters! As your MP I will build a Golden Isles (GI) Pop Up Market whereby residents can buy and sell goods and services. This pop up market will strengthen community ties by making everyone care more and help more. Additionally I propose a  Constituency bond fund where constituents will benefit financially from the creation and support of small businesses in the GI Pop Up Market. Such a fund will free us of having to navigate national government bureaucracy. 

Promote Youth Development

In order to promote a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood, youth development programs are necessary. One of the ways in which to prepare the youth for adulthood is through community service activities which increases their awareness of the social structure of the community in which they live. Proposed programs include skills building courses whereby financial literacy is taught, mindset and character building to ensure emotional well being, job placement and mentor partner programs with elder members of the community.

Infrastructure Development

In order to stimulate economic growth and improve quality of life Golden Isles needs a program of infrastructural development. Well maintained roads and proper care of empty lots is vital. A green system will also be built for the reuse and recycling of waste so as to prevent harmful materials for entering the environment. Removal of trash on vacant lots and a beautification program will also be implemented.

Social Programs

Disability Assistance

Disability is not a crutch it just means different ability. There are persons who have some physical challenges that make life a little bit more difficult for them than others. Setbacks in terms of job attainment as well as use of facilities within public life. I will provide software that is catered towards persons with disability so that they can search and obtain jobs.

Backyard Farming

It is often said health is wealth, if so then it must start at home! As your future MP, I will provide training and support for backyard farming initiatives to ensure that all of the constituents of the Golden Isles community have access to affordable healthy food.

Cleanup Programs

As a child we are taught that cleanliness is next to Godliness. However, as humans we do tend to fall short. This by no means we must tolerate the decline in our surroundings. As your future MP I will ensure that vacant lots and abandoned buildings are properly addresses. I will also construct a webpage where by persons can submit a form if they witness and dumping and report community eyesores.

Recognition Programs

Who doesn't want to be rewarded for their positive actions? This is the reason why I will set up a constituency Recognition Program to highlight and thank individuals who have contributed to making Golden Isles better and safer.

Job Placement

An honest days work deserves an honest days pay! But before that the unemployed within our community need assistance in obtaining jobs. As your future MP, I will institute job training programs inclusive of but not limited to: resume writing, interview training and communications etc.

Advocacy as MP while in Parliament

Good Governance

Members of Parliament are there to serve their constituents! As your future MP I will put forward legislation within the first year to have a true freedom of information act. I will support an Anti-Corruption act whereby public officers convicted of failing to live up to the standards we expect of them will be prosecuted. 

I will also fight to enact whistleblower legislation to protect individuals who report wrong doings by public officials.


Entrepreneurship is important because it has the ability to improve standards of living and create wealth not just for the entrepreneur but society as well. As your MP I will pass legislation to provide training and funding for people who would like to take their creative talents to the next level and start a business.

Increased Bahamian Ownership of Industries

Bahamas 4 Bahamians! This is what I believe and what I live. Therefore, as your MP I will fight to ensure that industries are ran by Bahamians and for Bahamians. I will pass legislation that protects key industries for the sole benefit of the Bahamian people.

Natural Resources

The Bahamas is a beautiful country filled with talented people and abundant natural resources. Therefore as your MP, I will support legislation to identify our national resources and make public the findings. I will include the citizens in the decision making process on how best to utilize them.

A Sovereign Wealth fund will be setup to store the profits and taxes from the sale and activity of extracting our natural resources. This Sovereign Wealth fund will be used to ensure a decent standard of living for successive Bahamian generations.

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