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An Industrial Chemist by trade, Antoine Ferguson is equally passionate about science and serving his community. As someone who has spent 30+ years in the Golden Isles constituency Antoine Ferguson is motivated to see his community thrive and prosper.

The oldest child of a police officer and a news reporter, Antoine grew up learning the importance of hard work and perseverance. Antoine attended Bahamas Academy from K5 through grade 12. He was a prefect in grades 6 and 12. While in high school he was a member of the school's Volleyball and Track and Field teams. Antoine graduated in 2005 with the 2nd highest GPA in his class.

Antoine received a bachelors in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Houston-Downtown. While there, he was a member of the scholars academy. Due to his interest in social issues he participated in a study regarding the effects of criminal recidivism. 

Throughout his professional career, Antoine has worked in a variety of industries. He has held roles in the Oil and Gas industry, Food and Beverage and also Pharmaceutical industry.

Antoine has interests in sports and has participated in boxing, rugby, caving and rock climbing.

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